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Name: Tanisha & Twisha
Message: Hi Aarav! Good to meet you in the virtual world! Very nice pictures.... Can\'t wait to meet you in the real world! Great job on the website, Chinu Mausi! See you soon!

From Tanisha & Twisha
Name: dheer
Message: hiya it ws really nice seeing yr pics grow jaldi then v ll do lots of masti....n dono moms ko tang karenge bye bye take care....
Name: Faouzi
Message: Welcome on earth little boy,Wish u health and a sunny life in a peaceful world.
TC of urself and of the nice parents u have.

Name: Amit Kumar
Message: Hi Aarav,
I would like to be ur frnd. U are too cute and I want do kuchhi kuchhi with you.
Do all the shaitani and give happiness to ur mummy papa.
wish you all the best.
As u born on holi really u are a holy boy.
Bye for now.
Name: Vishwas Chouhan
Message: Hey Young Aarav,
This is your Moms (rockstar) Designer friend from Mumbai, and over the past couple of yrs we have become best friends, its an interesting story on how we met, but tht u need to ask your mom.. thou me and your mother never met up even thou when she was living in Mumbai, but we still friends and keep in touch online, i know u are in Delhi so i will come and c you soon.. when u are 18..

don't listen to your mum and be as naughty and mischievous as u can and grow up soon, so we can party hard and score lots of gorgeous women...

lots of love, and blessing from the almighty. and may his blessing shield you from all evil...

Lots of luv...Grow up soon so we can party together!!!!!


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