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Name: Sudarshan venkataswamy
Message: Aarav looks cute. just like his mommy.
Name: Prerana & Ram
Message: Hey Aarav,

Wish you a very happy birthday. We hope you are a pleasant toddler for your Mama and Daddy, and grow up to be a handsome, and successful man. May you find all the happiness through your life.

Lots of love,
Ram Uncle and Prerana Aunty
from Optimus BT
Name: rakhi massi
Message: hey A@r@v massi miss u lot... dnt forget.... u hav to go long way...n ne time u need me i am always there wid u....b cool n enjoy is full of masti,maza n GALS...!
Name: Ram Prabhala
Message: Hi Aarav,

I just got to look at your pictures again. I am sure you are enjoying, playing and having a lot of fun with mom and dad. Sera, Prerana and I were thinking about you and your mom and dad today!

Look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Name: shalini sharma
Message: hi aarav
lem me tell u first...ur really veryyyy cuteeeee,sweet and really resemble ur name !!

well u don\'t know me...i am some one from the sharma family.....who have there firm named as grey consultants. and ur mom had designed the website for us ..and while i was going through her website i saw ur page....and then u!!

my daughter was so excited to see a pic of chotta baby..she is just 4yr old!!... she is asking u chotta baby hamse dosti karoge ????

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