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Name: Muniraju
Message: You are cho cute...
Name: Sahib Wason
Message: You are sooooo sweet baby.... I really wanna have a chat with you... May i have a pleasure......
Name: devinder
Message: hi aarav, it was pleasure to watch your website or can we alled ur personal dairy. i m really delighted to see all good things and persons in ur life. i also have 2 year old son just like u. i wish he would be naughty like u ( as appears) i will be happy if u response me through e- mail thanks your devinder uncle
Name: Radhika
Message: Hi Aarav... You are so cure n ur site is very nice... Congratulations on getting admission in AMION. I wish you All the Best!!!
Name: Rakhi .. massi
Message: hey cutee...!
u always look kewl... keep rocking... massi luvs u lotssssss...!

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